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Roberto Bucci sensei

Born in Ascoli Piceno 09/18/1968, he lives in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). Since 1984 he has practiced judo, acquiring the basic principles and making competitive experiences at regional level. Since 1986 he has been practicing kung-fu, Wing-chung style, and then Wado-ryu. Since 1992 he practices Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu with Maestro Certa, in which he found a concrete response in the study and applications of the techniques of this art, since 2009 he continues studying under the direction of Matsuo Sano Shihan.
Thanks to Daito-Ryu, he also clarified the meaning application of the techniques acquired in the past in other martial arts. He is currently in the possession of the diploma of 4rd dan in Daito-ryu, head in the world of Shiseikan Europe, and today he is the instructor of the dojo "Shiseikan Europe" in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP).

For information:

Tel: 347 1470371.

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